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About Supermarket Girl – Shopping Fun

In Supermarket Girl – Shopping Fun by Tabtale LTD, you will be doing simple actions such as running the cash register, giving the exact change back, weigh, scan, and pack groceries into paper bags, decorate sweets and cake, sort fruits and vegetables, organize shelves, and dress up for work! This game is also a bit similar to the popular game, Dinner Dash, where you can also serve the delicious cake and sweets you have made to your customers and wrap them up, and when you get bored, you can also play the mini game in Super Market Girl, the grocery cart game.


 Supermarket Girl – Shopping Fun is available in many other languages besides English, these languages include: Chinese, German, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Spanish. The game contains all of the major languages used around the world, so there should virtually be no language barrier between the player and this game.

On the Apple iOS device, Supermarket Girl – Shopping Fun by Tabtale LTD has received over 876 ratings whereas on the Android Google Play Store, there has been over 57 thousand reviews so far. On the Apple iOS platform, iTunes, Supermarket Girl – Shopping Fun by Tabtale LTD   has received the solid rating of a 4.0 star out of the highest possible 5.0 star rating. Meanwhile, on the Android mobile game platform, Google Play Store, this game has the average rating of a 3.7 stars out of the highest possible 5.0 star rating.

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